Nicholas Ponzi

I love to create.

I'm a Designer & Developer

  • Name: Nicholas Ponzi
  • Job: Freelancer
  • Age: 21
  • Residence: Canada
  • Hometown: Toronto

Hello, I'm Nicholas Ponzi! I am a developer first, but I also love creating visually stunning designs. I have been programming in C++ since I was fifteen and have picked up a few other programming languages along the way. I have coded games to kernel development and always enjoy furthering my skills.

I also have a passion for photography/videography. I have experience in the Adobe suite especially Photoshop, After Effects and Lightroom. Check out my portfolio for some of my work.

My Services


I have over four years of programming experience working with various projects.


From the prototype to a well-polished product I design with care and purpose.

Digital Media

I've always had a knack for photography/videography and love designing art.

My Skills




Digital Media


Web development

My Projects(Underdevelopment)

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(+416) 432-8111